3 Tips to Ensure "Falling Back" Doesn't Wreck Your Workout

An extra hour of sleep means slaying your next day workout, right? Tell that to the bleary-eyed fitness faithful Sunday morning. 

Getting an additional hour of sleep seems like a dream come true, but it can wreak havoc with your circadian rhythm (internal clock), and leave you in a sleepiness stupor for up to a week. Here are three tips to ensure "falling back" doesn't wreck your workout.

3 Tips to Ensure "Falling Back" Doesn't Wreck Your Workout

  1. Adjust to the new time gradually. If you struggle to overcome sleepiness for days after the time change (both my hands are in the air, BTW) consider setting the clocks back 10 minutes, over six nights, so you can gradually get used to the new time.

  2. Be flexible with your workout times. Shorter days, longer nights, and more darkness, can leave even the best of us feeling lazy. But sticking to your workout routine, even when you want to stay in bed, will actually boost your energy. The cure for sleepiness is what feels like the worst possible option, exercise.

    Be determined in advance to commit to your weekly workout routine, but cut yourself a little slack when it comes to your schedule. If you can normally be found at the gym before dawn, you may want to shift your workout to later in the day. Or use this time to try something new, to keep your motivation running high. CrossFit, anyone?

  3. Hydrate. I know, you're probably thinking hydration has little to do with DST (daylight savings time) but you might be surprised. If you're feeling groggy, reach for a glass of water before that next cup of coffee. Dehydration can cause fatigue, decreased alertness and concentration. Sure, it's not going to compensate for a whacked circadian rhythm but it won't pile on unnecessary contributing factors to sleepiness either. Here are three signs your dehydrated when working out

If you prep mentally now, consider adjusting to the time change gradually, and hydrate like a boss, you'll be slaying your workout all week long. Time change? What time change?

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