6 Secrets Of The Fitness Faithful For A Consistent Workout Schedule

We all know that person. The person who's always at the box, consistently posts about their early morning run on social media (enough already!), or the one who wins the Workweek Hustle week, after week, after week...

But let's be honest, even though their social posting could be taken down a notch (really, cut it out!) a piece of you admires their consistency, right? How do they maintain a regular fitness routine while you're home, sitting on the couch, frustrated by another failed gym attempt?

While there's no secret formula, there are a few common denominators among the fitness faithful. Implementing these six tips into your routine will keep you from bailing on workouts. 

6 Secrets From Fitness Addicts for a Consistent Workout Schedule

  1. Prep for success. Eliminating barriers between you and your workout begins the night before. Fewer obstacles (no clean workout clothes, and "where the heck is my other shoe?!") increase your odds of success. Set out everything you'll need to hit the ground running. 
  2. Find a fitness buddy. A fitness buddy not only provides motivation, they provide accountability. Knowing a friend is counting on you to be at the gym is a game-changer. Do you really want to text, telling them you're bailing on the plan? That bed's not so inviting anymore, is it?
  3. Focus on the benefits. Rather than lying in bed, dwelling on how cozy it is, focus on how good you'll feel after working out. That person who's always posting on social about their predawn workout? They don't leap out of bed, ready to kill the WOD either. But knowing the happy-making endorphins exercise produces and the satisfaction of sticking to a workout schedule gets them out of bed and out the door.
  4. Set an alarm. Hoping you'll magically wake-up refreshed, without an alarm, ready to conquer that twilight workout is little more than a dream. Set an alarm. Leave it across the room, forcing you to get out of bed if you have to. An alarm is a vital tool in lacing up for success.
  5. Exercise self discipline: go to bed early. Getting in just one more episode of your favorite Netflix show, even if it means going to bed later than you intended, will sabotage your goal of working out the next day. Self control is required. Set a bedtime that will allow you to wind down and get the sleep you need to you can bring your A game to the gym tomorrow. 
  6. Be kind to yourself. It takes up to 21 days for an activity to become routine. Be realistic, realizing there will setbacks along the way. Don't give up. It took me over a year to get to the point where my workouts are as much a daily routine as brushing my teeth. Be patient with yourself but not at the expense of self discipline. 

In short, a consistent workout schedule takes planning, self discipline, and mind over matter. Prepare the night before, get the sleep you deserve, and focus on the benefits. Don't give up. You'll get there. This is your year.

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