6 Workout Must-Haves This #FitChick Swears By

Truth: living an active life isn't cheap for the #FitChick. Leggings, shoes, fitness trackers, and gym bags, oh my! The must-haves add up quickly. 


But where's a girl to turn to for legit fitness product advice in a world of sponsored articles? I mean, are they actually directing us to credible products or towards a sale to line their pockets? There's no cash to be made here. I'm just a girl, addicted to fitness, who loves to chat about her tried and true workout finds. 

6 Workout Must-Haves This #FitChick Can't Live Without

  1. FitBit Alta HR. First things, first: I never leave the house for a fitness class, WOD, or run without my Fitbit Alta HR. Man I love this tracker. Just the right size (I have tiny wrists and it still works for me!), the Fitbit Alta HR lets me track my fitness goals in style. And now that the Alta offers PurePulseĀ® Technology I can get a more accurate version of how each workout impacts my body. Seriously, I'd rather show up naked for a workout than without my Fitbit.

  2. Reebok Leggings. I've tried more leggings than I can count. I'm petite and finding leggings I won't trip over is difficult. For years I just resorted to capris. -20 degrees, capris. Running a 10K in a snowstorm, capris. It wasn't pretty. Reebok's leggings are fabulous. They're cute, durable, and feature just the right amount of coverage (no dreaded undie lines!). Tip: checkout their online outlet. Great leggings at half the price.

  3. Sports Bras. A sports bra that provides support while being comfortable and stylish is harder to find than one might think. I have two go-to brands of choice: Nike and C9 Champion. The price of the C9 Champion can't be beat. It features all the perks you'd expect in a sports bra twice it's price.

    When tacking box jumps or a long run I grab my Nike Classic. The bra offers the fit and support I need to keep the girls held in.  

  4. Sneaks. Not only is Reebok my favorite pick for leggings, it's also my first stop for training sneaks. The Reebok Nano was designed with crossfitters in mind and that's good enough for me. They're so worth the cash. Nanos will fill all your HIIT and weightlifting needs.  

    If a run is on my to-do list I reach for my trusty Asics GT-3000s. Asics have been my running shoe of choice for over ten years. Prone to plantar fasciitis, I'm picky about what I put on my feet. These babies have seen me through thousands of miles and a half marathon. They're the only running shoe I'll buy.

  5. Bombas Socks. Man, I love these socks. They're comfortable, stay put, breathe well, are durable (my oldest pair was purchased five years ago!), and feature a blister tab. Plus, for every pair you buy they donate a pair to folks in need. It doesn't get any better than that.

  6. RevoMax Water Bottle. Revomax advertises their bottles as "the bottle that doesn't screw around." They would be correct. With cold beverages staying that way for 36 hours and hot drinks for 18, this bottle is nothing short of impressive. I love being able to fill it up the night before a WOD and know it's going to deliver icy cold refreshment. Another perk? They're cheaper than the popular Kleen Kanteen.

OK, so I lied a little. I'm totally going to do a little brand promoting here. I very rarely hit the gym without an AMRAP Life tank. Sure, it's great advertising but I promise, I would never endorse a product I couldn't stand behind. Gk, Mike and I are all fitness addicts and we're creating products that help us live AMRAP.

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