CrossFit Motivation? Look No Further Than This Fierce 4-Year-Old

Oh, Instagram. How would we fill our #mondaymotivation need without you? Well, there's a new Instagram account you need to follow. Meet Prisais Townsend, better known as Princess P. This pint-sized princess absolutely slays her CrossFit workout and is all the motivation you need to bring your A game to the box. 

CrossFit Motivation? Look No Further Than This Fierce 4-Year-Old

Even as a toddler Princess P could be found at the AUTUMO CrossFit box where her daddy, James Townsend (former Chicago Bears wide receiver), is a co-owner. AUTUMO, the Latin word for “believe,” represents determination, drive and inspiration - three qualities Princess P has down to a science.

What Princess P has been able to check off her fitness bucket list, in such a short period of time, is nothing short of impressive: mastering dumbbell snatches as a toddler, 10 strict
pull-ups and 22-inch box jumps (no small feat for someone who's four feet tall!), all before her fifth birthday.

Oh, and hspu? Yeah, she can do ten of those. 

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What's next on Princess P's list? 100 push-ups in a row, of course. And she's well on her way to doing it #beastmode.

Fitness 101: Start Kids on Their Fitness Journey Young

Princess P is more than #mondaymotivation, she's rewriting the book on kids and fitness. There's a ton of myths surrounding both CrossFit and weight training in kiddos. You can imagine what happens when those two worlds collide. But see them for what they are, myths

CrossFit spokesman, Russell Berger says: "CrossFit is not dangerous, kids drinking Coca-Cola and sitting on the couch is dangerous. We have a nation that is suffering severely from chronic disease as a result of poor diet and poor exercise regimens. Any concern about injury in regard to CrossFit, while I appreciate where that's coming from, is misplaced."

We concur. As long as proper form is practiced, CrossFit is not only safe for kids but helps to develop strength, balance, coordination, and overall health. Just look at Princess P. Her smile says it all. 

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