The Truth About CrossFit And Why it's More Than Just a Fitness Trend

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about CrossFit. Maybe you've watched the CrossFit Games on TV, heard celebrities raving about how CrossFit redefined their view of fitness, or have a friend who just won't shut up (we all have one) about it. But what exactly is CrossFit, anyway?

The Truth About CrossFit

Ask ten different people to define CrossFit and you'll get ten different answers. That's because fitness is defined and interpreted by the individual, and that's OK. For some, CrossFit is an intense fitness program that's helped them lose weight, gain strength and mobility, and improve overall health. For others CrossFit is about belonging to a community. Still others would say they joined CrossFit to improve functionality outside of The Box (CrossFit gym). 

While finding a consistent definition of CrossFit can prove challenging, the method behind the infamous WODs (workout of the day) can be boiled down to three main components: varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. Let's break it down.

WODs Be Like: Variety, Variety, Variety

If you're looking to perform the same workout day-after-day, CrossFit is likely not for you. CrossFit is all about variety, with workouts designed to prepare you for any physical task life throws your way. Because of this, the WOD looks different every day. You can expect exercise movements, loads, reps, and workout durations to change on a regular basis.

High Intensity is the Norm

HIIT workouts have been on trend for quite some time and for good reason: intensity leads to results. CrossFit WODs are almost always measured. Knowing that your results are tracked provides powerful motivation to challenge yourself. 

CrossFit WODs generally use one of two basic scoring systems: attempting to complete a series of tasks in a minimum amount of time, or completing a circuit of movements as fast as possible over a set period of time (our beloved AMRAP format). AMRAP stands for: As Many Reps As Possible.

This is where CrossFit allows for individuality. How so? A seasoned athlete and a senior citizen(yes, CrossFit isn't just for young, #fitnessaddicts) can performs the same workout "at intensity" but it's going to look very different for each person.

Functional Movements Are Key

CrossFit is all about functional movements, exercises that allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily,  without injury. Here's what that looks like: picking an object up off the ground (deadlift), placing something on a shelf above your head (gto), or standing from a seated position (squat). CrossFit exercises are patterned after movements our bodies were designed to do on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, CrossFit is all about being the best possible version of you. Is it just for the young and fit? Absolutely not. Is it addicting? Insanely. Will you get injured? The biggest misconception surrounding CrossFit is that you get a ton of injuries, which simply isn't true. In fact, safety is one of the main tenets of the sport. But just like anything, it's up to the individual athlete to adhere to its teachings.

Be assured of this: CrossFit is more than a fitness trend, it's a lifestyle. Rather than a "eat this, not that," "do this, not that" mentality, the shift in overall health happens organically. Once you start to connect the dots between health and food choices and the way you feel and perform a wellbeing metamorphosis occurs and you will never be the same again. Read about Mike's CrossFit journey, here

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