Fitness Fails: 3 Reasons You're Not Seeing Results

Most of us start a fitness journey because of a goal. Maybe it's to lose weight, tone-up, or increase endurance. Maybe it's so you can rock those skinny jeans (ain't no shame in that!). But what's a girl to do when she's consistently getting her fitness on but not seeing results?

Fitness Fails: 3 Reasons You're Not Seeing Results

I'm going to be completely transparent, these facts may be a little hard to take. But make no mistake, if you want results you need to dig deep and honestly examine what's potentially sabotaging your fitness efforts. 

  1. You're not bringing your A game. Tabata and HIIT workouts are an excellent way to lose weight and increase endurance but if you're not throttling it during intervals it won't work. Dalton Wong, personal trainer to Jennifer Lawrence (no joke!) says this, "true HIIT is like sprinting, and it should make you feel like your gas tank is completely empty." Repeat it with me: Completely empty. In other words, if you're doing a 20-second sprint in TABATA, you should be on the floor at 21-seconds.

  2. You're failing to pay attention to form. Executing proper form isn't just essential for preventing injury, it's also vital in reaping the full benefit of the exercise. Shallow squats will do nothing for your booty and failure to maintain forward posture while performing mountain climbers or holding plank won't work your shoulders as intended. Consult with a trainer to get it right. In the meantime, here's how to squat and plank correctly.

  3. You're not eating enough. If you don’t meet your total intake of calories, you’ll never have enough “bricks” to build the body you want. Eating too little may also unwittingly slow down your body's ability to burn calories. Try eating smaller portions of healthy fats and proteins more regularly. Not only will your body stay satisfied, avoiding that 2 PM slump, you'll also keep your metabolism in tip-top shape.

    Pro tip: invest in a consultation with a trainer and or nutritionist to set an accurate, daily calorie intake goal. The number may surprise you.

Did you see room for improvement? That's OK! Consult with a trainer/nutritionist and get back to basics. Increase your protein and caloric intake and pair it with compound movements (performed correctly!) and sprints to maximize your anabolic hormones, build lean muscle, and achieve your desired weight.

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