If You Feel Like This When You Workout, You're Dehydrated

As many as 75 percent of Americans may be functioning in a chronic state of dehydration, no joke. With such a high number of parched people running around you can bet that number includes seasoned fitness freaks. 

To be totally honest, staying hydrated doesn't come naturally to me. One of the biggest motivators for staying hydrated was recognizing how I felt when I didn't drink enough. Fact: the signs are there if you know what to look for. 

Here are three easily overlooked signs of dehydration.

3 Signs You're Dehydrated During a Workout

  1. You're tired before the workout even begins. We've all been there - questioning our endurance during the warm-up. Feeling sluggish during your workout isn't necessarily a sign that you're pushing yourself too hard. You may just be dehydrated.

    Take the test: make an effort to drink 20 ounces of water an hour before your workout. If you feel more energized drink and repeat.

  2. Your pulse is high. An increased heart rate is a normal part of working out. Gains come when you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, just ask any crossfitter. However, education is involved.

    A heart rate monitor can help you learn what your peak heart rate is and how your body is responding to the intensity. If you feel like your heart is racing, it could be because you're dehydrated.

  3. You get cramps. That cramp in your side? It could be a sign of dehydration. Try drinking an ounce of water for every 10 pounds of body weight one or two hours before you exercise. Just don't overdo it, drinking too much water before or during your workout can cause cramps, too. It's complicated, I know. 

There's no doubt about it, not drinking enough water, can mess with your exercise routine and impact performance. Take the water test and log your results. Pay attention to how you feel. Who knows, maybe your next PR is just a glass of water (or three!) away. 

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