Torch Epic Calories With These 4 Do Anywhere CrossFit Exercises

You don't need a gym, treadmill, or a ton of free weights to get a killer workout in. When it comes to functional fitness, let your body be your gym. 

CrossFit is famous for its use of bodyweight exercises. A calorie torching workout can be achieved anywhere as long as you don't hold anything back. In other words, go all in. You should feel like you have nothing left to give after completing the following exercises with the suggested TABATA format.  

Use these four hallmark Crossfit exercises for a #noexcuse workout you can literally do anywhere. 

Torch Epic Calories With These 4 Do Anywhere CrossFit Exercises

  1. Air squats. Air squats take traditional squats to a whole other level. Start in a squat position (weight in those heels!), jump as high as you can, and land in a low squat, shifting weight back to the heels. Tip: use your arms to propel you even higher. You'll burn a sweet 14 calories per minute while performing the movement. Perfect your squat form, here
  2. Burpees. No one likes burpees but they are hands down one of the best bodyweight exercises, period. Begin in a plank position and jump towards your hands, tucking both knees into your chest. Jump back and land in a squat position. Jump up, propelling yourself from the squat position and land back in a plank. Challenge yourself to three minutes of burpees to burn a cool 45 calories. 
  3. Lunges. Lunges are great for working your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Start standing up straight, then step forward with one leg so that your back knee touches the floor and your front shin is perpendicular to the floor. Your front knee should be directly over your ankle. Switch it up by lunging in place, or walk forward or backward while doing lunges. Do it right, and you’re sure to feel the burn.
  4. Mountain climbers. Mountain climbers work your upper arms muscles, core, and legs all in one move. Start in high plank, hands stacked below your shoulders. Bring your right knee into your chest, and extend the leg back out as you drive your left knee to your chest, as fast as possible. It's not as easy as it sounds, trust us. 

Make it a goal to complete each exercise eight times using the TABATA method (20 seconds of all out intensity, with a ten second rest interval) for a fat-burning, calorie torching, whole body workout. 

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