What Functional Fitness Means to a Dad

My fitness journey starts with my co-workers persistently suggesting I join CrossFit and me making the same excuses: I have a new baby and I'm too tired.  After eight months, that excuse became rather flimsy and I finally gave in.  It turns out, joining CrossFit was one of the best things I have done for both me, and my family. 

What Functional Fitness Means to Me

My first month wasn't easy. I was out of shape and had to scale WODs and movements in order to execute the exercises safely and effectively. However, after six months of persistence, support from my coaches, and the rest of my class I finally started to get the hang of it. Not only were the WODs getting easier, everyday activities were too.  

During my twenties I considered myself fairly fit but after almost two years of CrossFit, I humbly realize I was not. It's not the amount of weight or the number of reps I can achieve made this point obvious but simply standing up from the couch, sitting down at the table, or tossing my kids around in the back yard. This is the very definition of functional fitness. The movements and exercises that I had been doing at the box were were strengthening support muscles. It was these support muscles that provided me with a sense of extra fitness while providing stability to everyday movements. 

The best part of becoming functionally fit is how it has changed my ability to play with my kids. After tossing a 70lb kettlebell up in the air for minutes, throwing my kids around not only feels easier, it's safer. The constants up and down movement that comes with playing with kids is almost effortless thanks to endless waves of weighted and body-weight squats. I didn't join CrossFit with these benefits in mind but functional fitness has been life-changing for me, both at the box and in the backyard. 

How is your exercise routine impacting your daily life? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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