Why You Should be Jumping Rope

Ready to burn a few extra calories? Expensive gym memberships got you down? Inexpensive and a calorie torching beast, jumping rope is a perfect cardio solution. 

For less than $15 and 30 minutes, you can burn roughly 300 calories jumping rope. Let’s put that into perspective: running at a pace of 10 minutes per mile only burns about 270 calories. 

Clearly the jump rope isn’t just child's play, but rather the ultimate cardio tool.

Here's Why Your Workout Routine Should Include Jumping Rope

Transportability. Because of the jump rope’s portability you can sneak a little cardio in anywhere. Stash it in a suitcase, briefcase, or even a purse and you instantly have a no excuse way to get your cardio on-the-go.

Calorie burn. As mentioned at the outset, jumping rope is a great way to torch calories. In fact, if you practice HIIT jump roping, you’ll be burning more calories not just during your workout, but throughout the entire day thanks to the glorious afterburn. In plain English: your body’s fat-burning skills get a serious upgrade.

Enhanced coordination. The jump rope forces you to keep a rhythmic pace and use proper form, increasing coordination. Not only will it keep you nimble and help you excel in any sport it also makes you less accident prone. Who doesn’t want that?

Strength gain. Jumping builds bone density and improves total-body strength. Maybe you're not even thinking about osteoporosis yet, but jumping rope on a regular basis will go a long way in preventing the condition.

Ready to get hopping? Jump your way slim with this 10 minute workout from Fitness.

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