Why You Should Work With a Fitness Trainer Even if You Exercise Consistently

So often working with a personal trainer is associated with fitness newbies. The first trip to the gym (or box!) can feel overwhelming and working with a trainer helps takes the scary out of the situation. But what if you're a seasoned fitness addict who's already seeing results from their workout routine? Is there still value in working with a trainer?

That was me. I had been regularly working out for five years. I had lost weight, achieved gains, and was content with my fitness routine. I believed I was challenging myself because each workout left me sore and I could consistently lift more. I didn't need a trainer, right? No.

Why You Should Work With a Fitness Trainer Even if You Exercise Consistently

Each year, PNF, my fitness happy place, offers training sessions at discounted prices. Initially, I dismissed the idea for the reasons mentioned above. Then there was this other pesky thing called cash. Between, fitness memberships, workout gear, healthy eating grocery bills, supplements, protein powders and bars - let's be honest, a healthy lifestyle isn't cheap.

A conversation with my husband provided the mental shift I needed: a healthy lifestyle is an investment not an expense and I was worth it. He was super supportive to the idea of rewarding my commitment to fitness with something I had always wanted to do - work with a trainer.

Is Working With a Personal Trainer Worth the Cash?

Was working with a personal trainer worth it? Hands down, yes. Can a seasoned fitness freak benefit form one-on-one training? Heck, yeah! Here's why:

  1. I wasn't lifting enough. If lifting left me sore or tired at the end of a set I was content. Marcy quickly pointed out I wasn't lifting enough. I'll never forget the feeling when she brought out the dumbbells for my renegade rows and goblet squats. They were a minimum of 20% more weight than I was used to. You know what? I could totally do it.

    Now I challenge myself to lift more in every single class. I'm seeing more definition than ever before and mentally it feels great to take things up a notch.

  2. We worked on form. I thought I knew all the rules, keep your shoulders over your wrists for mountain climbers, keep your chest up when squatting - you get the picture. However, there was still room for improvement. You can do reps all day long, but if you're not performing the movement correctly you won't get the full benefit from the exercise. What's the takeaway? I guarantee your form needs work. We can all get better! By enlisting the help of a trainer I now feel the exercises in all the right places. #sore

Working with a trainer left me stronger than before and motivated. In fact, it's something I'd like to do from time-to-time to keep myself honest. It was absolutely one of the best investments I have made on my fitness journey. If you're considering taking your fitness goals up a notch by working with a trainer, DO IT!

Listen in as I share my story below. Oh, and check out Marcy's enviable guns (swoon).

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